You and your 29 closest friends…

As only travellers would know it is quite often the case to have to spend the nights in a dorm room of 10 or even 12 people. Nothing major, often a little cramped but people generally act rationally and you all get by. It’s cheap and a good way to meet people.

Those people who have travelled to some other places in the world, Turkey in our case, will understand the feeling of the 30+ people dorm rooms that often get advertised. For instance at the moment Kelly and I are crammed into the corner of one where even in the middle of the day there is no light.

Luckily for us Turkey isn’t quite that busy right now and some beds are spare, but when you stuff that many in a room things get cramped at the best of times. It’s definitely an experience and one that I am sure later on will seem quite funny.

I am wondering though if people will tell us about some of the horror dorm room, or room mates you have had while travelling!? Come up with a code name for the people or place when you are telling us cause we want a laugh not a law suit 😛