Turkey Border…difficult or easy!?

Despite what people had often told us on this trip Kelly and I found the border crossing from Bulgaria to Turkey quite smooth sailing.

Hearing stories of people having to walk for ages, wait for ages and then be hassled by dogs and guards over what their bags contained made the trip to Turkey bother us somewhat. For us however things were basically smooth sailing. Although we had no idea what the men were saying, we managed to pass through both sides with the only issue having to leave the EU passport carrying people to run off and get a visa. We were however directed appropriately to the Visa office and then were patiently waited for by the bus drivers.

We have heard that if you catch the train you have to get your bags and walk to border control, and that at the border the men check your bags with dogs and often make you open them. We got told it was an overall nightmare, but on this occasion on the bus we found the trip more than ok 🙂