There’s Nothing Blue About It – The Beautiful and Amazing Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque, otherwise known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a massive mosque in the middle of Istanbul’s historical quarter. Impossible to miss as it is huuuuuge and spectacular in sight, this mosque is a must see on a visit to Istanbul.

It was built from 1609 – 1616 during the rule of Ahmed I and still stands tall as a place of worship and prayer today. However, it is also a very popular tourist destination and apart from the times that the mosque closes for worship there are people from everywhere all over the world coming to this mosque to see it’s beauty.




It is free to enter and if you aren’t appropriately dressed then you can always borrow one of their scarves to cover yourself. You need to take your shoes off at the door and as soon as you step in the beauty of the outside is matched and then times about ten to the beauty on the inside.





This place was truly wonderful and it felt so amazing to be near people who pray so devoutly and are so dedicated to their God and believe in it so whole heartedly. It made me truly realise how wonderful religion can be. The atmosphere and the setting was just mind blowing and it was crazy and great to think that this extremely old mosque could still stand today for others to enjoy.

Have you ever been to a place of worship that has taken your breath away?? We’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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