Return of the overnight bus!

As we travel more and more right now it really seems as though we are catching buses or trains overnight every couple of days. Although this may not be the case we definitely feel that way because they often take the last saps of energy and tolerance out of an already tired body and mind.

For us they become the source of frustration that often gets pelted onto one another. Night buses always end up with short fuses and some nasty snaps but for us they often go the other way with the moods swings acting as a source of entertainment. Being able to laugh at and then with one another is always hilarious and the best part is with little energy most things become funny!

We hate overnight buses but they are practically inevitable because they save you money from your normal spending on the nights accommodation and they are also save you the time by not wasting the entire day in a chair.

They aren’t fun but they do become memorable, we have had some pretty good ones in Vietnam, and some ugly ones (mainly the Montenegro to Serbia), where for 12 hours we couldn’t recline thanks to the passengers behind and also had the pleasure of 3 infants crying their way to Belgrade.

I don’t blame anyone, they just aren’t fun! I know we all have a poor travelling transportation story, whether it be bus, train or plane feel free to share them with us cause they are always funny 🙂