Rock climbing…for dummies!!!

This heading is obviously referring to the inexperienced people, that is kelly and I, who signed up to do outdoor rock climbing today. we have no experience in indoor climbing let alone pulling our useless bodies up cracks and vertical faces of mountains.

After seeing the brocher scattered around the town on Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria we decided to check if the price would squeeze into our minimal budget. At about $33 per person for 4 hours of climbing we felt that it did. We are always more willing to spend money on experiences rather than food or accommodation because they are the things we will remember.

After Kelly spent the night before researching common fatalities related to rock climbing and I tried my best to squash her fear of falling to her death, we got up and were picked up at our door and taken to Infinity Rock. These rock faces were about 5km out of Veliko Tarnovo and were a very common place to climb with hundreds of outlined routes in the area.

After a short walk through some bush we dumped our stuff at the bottom of the rock formation. As we listened intently to the safety instructions handed out we both looked at each other as if to say, i think this is gonna suck, with no experience how the hell are we meant to do this!? The guide with over 30 years experience was quick to scuttle up the rock and place the guide rope that we would follow.

Kelly decided that it would be easier if I went first to see whether it is possible for her to die or not. I went along the rock as carefully as i could, using the supposed aeroplane wheel rubber soled shoes. For those of you who can’t follow my super long adjective sentence, that is the soles of the climbing shoes are made of the same rubber that jet aircraft have on their wheels, so they were sticky!

Kelly also had a really good crack at the first climb but despite this being ‘the easiest wall in the world to climb’ according to Cliff (hilariously ironic name for a rock climber) we both battled our way to the top.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

The 4 hours of climbing included 4 different rock faces and heaps of fun, I will definitely be a repeat climber and would actually love to go into it when I get home. It was a great day and something i would truly recommend to everyone at least once in your life. Especially if you hate heights, it can be a great way to get over them as you are completely in your own control.

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