Healthy Ideas?

These are changes we want to make for our 30 day fitness travel challenge . Although these are obvious, these are some of the changes we intend to make in the 30 days!

– Eat off smaller plates and bowls: This will reduce our portion size making us eat less but more appropriate sizes.

– Eat more fruit: We have been unlucky, we both love our fruit but the fruit in eastern europe at times has been horrible. Hope it changes

– Eat more vegetables: No excuses here we just don’t do it enough. Less heavy vegies like potatoes as well.

– Go for a walk at night: We often get lazy after like 6pm and bed time, so we will try our best to get out and even walk for 30mins.

These are only the start but it would be great to hear from others about what ideas they have for us to change our habits!

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