Fitness Challenge

While in Asia Kelly and I had no problem eating a little less and exercising a lot more. Now in eastern europe we have fallen into a trap I hope that many travellers do. With the facilities so much better, in terms of having your own kitchen to cook, we often tend to cook too much food. It is cheaper to cook than eat out, and when we cook we often make too much, wanting to save it for the next day, although as a ‘growing boy’ (only outwards) I eat it all 😦

Kelly and I have proposed to have a 30 day travelling fitness program to see if we can make a change and prove to others that even though you are travelling it is possible to be healthy and lose weight. Often people who travel drink and eat a lot and when you are on holidays that is more often the case, we aren’t trying to stop these things but we are trying to just be as active as possible and eat appropriately. This will give us more energy and save us money!

So from this point on the challenge is on…we will post our food consumption and what exercise we did for the day as often as we can, with daily updates and ideas that you can implement if you want to join in!