A Postcard From Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Hello Everyone!

At the moment you find us in a little town in Bulgaria called Veliko Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo used to be the capital during the second Bulgarian empire but after the Ottoman’s left, the council voting for the capital of Bulgaria decided to make Sofia the capital. Legend has it that the only reason Sofia won was because the other man who was supposed to vote for Veliko Tarnovo fell asleep drunk on one of the many staircases in the town.

Even though Veliko Tarnovo is small there is quite a bit to do and we have had lots of fun while we have been here. We went rock climbing for the very first time ever! Which was so exciting and scary and you can read more about it here! We also went on a Free Walking Tour of V.T. which was really insightful and lots of fun. After this, we explored the Fortress of Veliko Tarnovo which was breathtaking and inspiring, a very unique place to visit and experience. We shared a traditional Bulgarian meal together and have also had some time to relax and chill out in the beautiful facilities of the V.T. Poolside Hostel after being upgraded from a dorm room to a private double room.

I have loved the beautiful architecture and the feeling of being somewhere small and remote rather than being in a huge bustling city. The people here all seem really nice and there is a great mix of history which they have preserved even though it is now quite a modern little town.

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