Hostel Review – AGP Guesthouse in Koh Tao, Thailand

AGP was quite a decent guesthouse, situated behind the main streets of Koh Tao. To get there you turn right when you see the 7 Eleven on the main street situated on the left if you are going out of town. There are a cluster of guesthouses along this street and all are pretty secluded so read the signs carefully to find a guesthouse.

To be honest I really can’t even remember if AGP had a sign but it’s on the left of the street and it has a spiral staircase. Downstairs they have a sort of “hardware” store where they run reception from. Be aware though that the close “reception” quite early.

The wifi wasn’t great to be completely honest so we borrowed the code of the guesthouse next door off a friend who was staying there. If you need their wifi, go and ask for a business card and the password is their phone number. Both guesthouses seem pretty similar in style and what they offer but our friends did mention that our rooms were a little nicer.

The rooms themselves were decent. The bathroom was pretty average and beware that the toilets don’t have a flush – you need to do that manually with a bucket of water. The rooms on the left hand side when you walk up the stairs had a balcony which was good for drying clothes and such. I’m unsure if the rooms on the left hand side are the same though.

All in all, as you will find with most of our reviews – we are not picky people and if you are a budget traveler, you should get over the idea of being picky too. You get what you pay for most times and when you are paying cheap prices you can expect little hiccups. We don’t like to complain too much.

Prices for these rooms were around 350 Baht for a double room with a fan.