Bungalow Review – Golden Hill Bungalows on Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Phi Phi has a lot of accommodation and before you go there, many speculate and rumors circulate that the island is busy and you should book in advance. This is totally fine but be warned you almost always pay extra for booking on hotel websites such as agoda etc.

We booked off Agoda for Golden Hill Bungalows and paid quite a bit extra and they hadn’t even sent Golden Hill Bungalows our reservation number or anything yet. If you arrive in Phi Phi in the morning you should be fine to find accommodation except in the really high season, then you may struggle.

Now, Golden Hill Bungalows. All in all, the bungalows are great for budget accommodation. The free wifi is pretty solid but you don’t get it in rooms. That doesn’t matter though, who cares! Golden Hill Bungalows also has a pool and a pool side bar which is really nice. The walk to the main areas isn’t that far. Maybe about a ten minute walk to the “party beaches” but if you are walking from the pier then expect it to take maybe around 20 minutes depending on how fast or slow you are. Another massive bonus is that it’s right near the viewpoint walk so it’s nice and easy to get there if you want to catch the sunrise. For the picky people though, you should be aware that there are a few steps you need to walk along to get there and it’s not really paved or anything. This didn’t bother us though but I guess it could annoy some.

The rooms themselves are quite nice. Quite a big bed which is nice and the bathroom area isn’t too bad – small and the shower goes everywhere but thats exactly like all Asian styled bathrooms are!

All in all, the bungalows are quite a nice place to stay and if you are looking for budget accommodation it’s one of the cheaper ones. For more info and others’ reviews go to hostelbookers