Veliko Tarnovo Free Walking Tour

Although I am not as much of a history buff as Kelly is I am a really big fan of hearing the stories behind countries historical occasions and major events in their existence. From our experiences a couple of times in Eastern Europe the Free Walking tours are a great way to hear these facts.

Today we again went on a free walking tour in VT and it was run from just in town at the Tourist Information Center by a young man who was studying book publishing. His understanding of the city was very very good and he managed to pick out 10’s of places and monuments around the city that were important to the country and town.

As the old capital of the country they have many monuments and important political statues scattered around the town. He was very good with his dates and information answering all questions thrown at him. Statues of various Kings and uprising leaders are shown as well as places of hangings and communist murals.

Monument depicting Bulgarian’s involvement in the I and II World Wars

Communist Mural

Overall the town has a plethora of history and the walking tour was a great way to understand how Bulgaria has been shaped over its 1200 year history. It is of course recommended to give a tip (We gave 10lv for 2 persons) at the end of the tour for the people to advertise and of course make a small wage.

The walk took 2 hours and wound its way from the newer side of town and into the old town. Using the old cobbled vendor road we went along the high side of the mountain toward the Catherdral which offered a great view of the Tsarevets Fortress, which is one of the 3 fortresses in the area. Then back around the low side of the mountain using the old transportation route to finish up at the Assenevtsi Monument depicting the 4 most important kings that libertaed Bulgaria from the Byzantines. (See below for the route and pictures)

The Church Dormition of the Mother of God (Cathedral)

Assenevtsi Monument

Famous architects were outlined, recommended museums and restaurants were pointed out and best of all the history of the town country and region was well presented.

It is definitely recommended if you ever go to VT, if you want more information click here.