Veliko Tarnovo Fortress – Tsarevets Fortress

This fortress, similarly to the one in Belgrade, was full of open space and quite large. Unlike the old towns of other eastern european countries these fortresses are full of room and areas that played roles in defending the area.

The Entrance gate to the Fortress

A view of the Fortress from the town

It is a very beautiful fortress, although the grasses are slightly overgrown and parts of the fortress aren’t walkable. To me this helped make for a real adventure feel and with only the one real touristy photo scene with costumes and dress ups, there was no real touristy or annoying sales people. The fortress (6LV for entry, 2 for students) holds an amazing old church which is now a museum. The museum was filled with fantastic modern artistry painted during the 1900’s that depict the history of Bulgaria. I personally had not seen kings and religion painted in this style of modern work and it was actually a surprising highlight of the fortress. Next to the old church, for 6 Leva (2 for students) you can catch an elevator to the top of the tower which gives amazing views of the entire city of Tarnovo as well as the surrounding mountains and nearby towns as well.

View of the Churches’ exterior

The other small monument which has a Bulgarian flag flying above it is the building in which the King’s placed their thrones while in power. After these 2 buildings there may not be a heap to see, although the viewing spires on the corners of the fortress give a variety of high views with breathtaking surrounds.

The room that once held the King’s Throne

The restored buildings and walls create nice finish to the once demolished fortress. It is always nice to see a part of history rebuilt to its former glory to allow it to be remembered forever.

Fortress walls, in the immediate background you can see the inside area of the fortress.

After happily walking the fortress we are here with the mountains in the background.