Hostel Review – Hostel Mostel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

We had heard amazing things about Hostel Mostel in Plovidiv so choosing this hostel was an easy choice for us as we felt other travelers would know their stuff.

Here is our review!

The rooms were spacious and lovely. The beds were comfortable and even though we were in a ten bed dorm the room was actually two rooms with 5 beds in each. There were no reading lights by the bed and the room only had 2 electrical outlets but there was only 3 of us so it wasn’t a big issue at the time.

As far as we know there were also private rooms available which looked really spacious and you could also get 6 bed dorms. This lead to a lot of confusion about their idea of “free breakfast” but more on that later.

The facilities at Hostel Mostel were quite good.

The wifi connection was strong and available everywhere throughout the hostel – even in rooms and on the seats outside.

There was an area with some couches downstairs and even though it was bare and didn’t have much atmosphere, the couches were comfy and it was a nice area to sit near.

The kitchen was quite good. Not heaps of pots and pans but nothing we couldn’t manage and it had a stove and an oven which was quite nice.

You could do washing there for 6 Leva a load and they also had a dryer.

One thing we got confused with was their free breakfast and dinner policy. We didn’t really read the fine print on hostelworld and on their website and even on their flyers they offer this service but when we got there we realised that for the cheaper rooms you don’t get free breakfast. They offer it to you for 4 Leva extra which is around $2.50 Australian but to be honest you could get a massive bottle of milk and cornflakes for less than that.

I think the thing I found to be most dissatisfying was the helpfulness of the staff. I really don’t like to sook about hostels, especially cheap ones, but I have stayed in enough cheap dorms to know the differences between very unhelpful, helpful enough, helpful and passionate people who work there and unfortunately this guy wasn’t very helpful.

Every time we asked for advice he would tell us the very bare essentials and when we asked him which bus station we needed to go to for the next town he told us the wrong one. Lucky enough we found a taxi and got to the proper bus station just in time. I also found the connection between the hostels to be kind of useless. We were going to stay in Hostel Mostel in Veliko Tarnevo but when this guy called them to ask for the “free pick up” that was listed in their services, the guy on the other end of the phone told us he wouldn’t pick us up.

This is not a party hostel so if that’s what you are in to don’t worry about staying there. They sometimes offer a free beer or two which is nice but I found the atmosphere to be nice and relaxing. You kind of just felt like you were in your own share house which is nice. No babysitting feel or anything like that and the hostel was clean which was really good so you didn’t have to feel gross.

There was a supermarket only a very short walk away and to get to all the tourist destinations was less than a ten minute walk for us. This is a pretty small area so as long as you are staying close enough to the old town then you will be fine and this location was more than good enough.

In summary, Hostel Mostel was quite a good place to stay. It was a shame we didn’t get the helpfulness that we have found in many other hostels but in the end it didn’t matter, we figured it all out! The 10 bed dorms were more than satisfactory for the price and unless you are desperate for the breakfast and (very) light dinner then I would just stay in the cheap dorm and by your own food!