A Night of Music at the Plovdiv Ancient Theater and for Free!

No trip to Plovdiv would be complete without a trip to the Ancient Roman Theater situated in the Old Town of Plovdiv.

Having visited it in the early afternoon and finding people setting up music stands and instruments, we were excited to try and figure out how we could be apart of this musical event.

When we got back to our hostel we started chatting with some other travelers, Daring Dynamos, and they told us that another girl knew how to get in for free and asked if we’d like to come along.

Of course! And the secret tip if you ever find yourself looking for a free way to get in to one of these events at the Ancient Theater? Go around the back entrance and be late! We were about 30 minutes late, on purpose because we heard this worked, and got in for free with a bag of beers in hand.




The result?? An amazing night of music and fun! It was so awe inspiring to sit on the steps of an Ancient Theatre where people centuries before me had sat and listen to some beautiful music with an awesome Bulgarian Frank Sinatra with some beer and new friends.

The views were amazing as the sun went down and I even indulged and got a cider which I had been craving for ages…






Even if you don’t get to go and watch some awesome music, you should at least go there to wander around the ancient area. It was 3 Lev to get in, only 1 if you are a student and if you are a student and roaming around on a Thursday…it’s free!