Bohemian Like You – Belgrade’s Bohemian Quarter

Our trip to Bohemian Quarter was indeed an interesting one!

Not knowing too much about Bohemian’s and what they are all about, we made our way to this little street not really knowing what to expect.

Would we see lots of gypsies scouring the streets for food and money? Would it be a run down abandoned area that no one really went to and walking the streets there would be a dangerous feat?

Quite the opposite. The Bohemian Quarter of Belgrade is a small street located a few streets away from the main promenade and is one of the most popular streets in Belgrade. It is not so Bohemian now as it is a wide selection of pretty cafes and restaurants where you can sit and while away the afternoon.

The streets are lined with pretty flowers and sometimes street performers and after learning a bit more about the area found that once upon a time it was indeed frequented by gypsies until the 19th century where Bohemian figures like poor poets, writers, musicians and actors lived and breathed their chosen art forms. The street is very proud of its history and there are “odes” and “tributes” to it along the street. The Ode to The Traveling Actor was my favourite and you can see his weathered face below…

Walking along the street is definitely lovely as there are no cars because the streets are too narrow. As you go along you get to admire all the buildings and one I particularly admired was a boring building that people had tried to make lovely by painting character on to it…





At the end of street you come to an intersection and across the road there is a lovely fresh green market where we bought some raspberries. We took them home, put them in the freezer for a while as they froze then had an awesome feast of frozen strawberries that cost less than 1 dollar 🙂