Part Two: Durmitor National Park – The Black Lake…

Durmitor National Park is hard to describe. It is an overpowering vision of beauty, wonder and amazement and as soon as you step inside the national park you really do feel like you are somewhere special.

After our road trip to Durmitor National Park, our first stop was The Black Lake. To enter, it cost 3 Euros each and 2 Euros to park the car and as we were walking the 1 km to reach the lake, we were amazed and happy that the people of Montenegro haven’t made this national park a cash grab for tourists. It seems that every person you speak to from Montenegro is the same, they are so happy when you tell them you are visiting the national park because they want everyone to see their country and this must be the same for the powers in charge.

When we got our first glimpses of The Black Lake we felt mystified. Neither of us have ever, ever seen anything so beautiful. A massive bright lake with a backdrop of enormous snow spotted mountains to one side and beautiful, lush green forest around the rest.



The walking track for the lake is around 3.5 k’s and it is a very easy walk. For most of it, there is a gravel path set out for you to take so the walk was pleasant and allowed us to enjoy the lake from every possible angle as well as enjoying some of their forest also.




The area is just beautiful and while we couldn’t spend forever there because we were restricted by time, if you weren’t you could easily spend a day around the area either having a picnic, walking around, enjoying a book or pretty much anything! I’m so excited and happy that we got to go there and if you do go, which you should if you are ever in Montenegro, and get to spend more time at the national park, there are a number of other hikes and trails you can take. If you want to read more about them and the National Park itself, a good place to read up is here.







Our next stop was the Tara Canyon and the Tara Bridge and you can read about it here.