Part Three: Durmitor National Park – Tara Canyon and Tara Bridge

After our trip to The Black Lake we took a 15 km or so drive out of the town of Zablijak to the second largest canyon in the world. To get more information on the Tara Canyon you should visit here

Driving down into and through the canyon is an amazing feeling as you can feel yourself getting closer and closer as the sun is less visible and it all feels a little colder. We stopped off at the Tara Bridge to enjoy our fantastic view of the Tara Canyon and again I wish we could have spent more time here exploring all the difference parts of the canyon and everything it had to offer.




The landscape that surrounded the canyon was truly magnificent and the cliffs and forests that surrounded the river were truly amazing.

Before we went we heard that the river was called “The Teardrop of Europe” because the water is so crystal clear and when you go, and hopefully from the pictures, you can definitely see why they have given this beautiful area the name. I couldn’t get over how blue the water was and found it amazing that even from where I was standing, the water was so clear that I could see the rocks and stones at the bottom.

I really loved all the colourful little houses that surrounded the national park area. They are obviously built for cold weather but the colourful roofs and cute designs make them adorable!




The Durmitor National Park truly took our breath away! We loved it and wished we could have stayed longer. Have you ever been to a national park or somewhere that’s taken your breath away? We would love to hear your story!