A Postcard from Kotor, Montenegro!


Just a quick postcard from Kotor, Montenegro! We got here yesterday after leaving Dubrovnik by a two and a bit hour bus ride across the border.

Once here, we entered the Old Town where our hostel is and have explored the old town with all it’s beautiful churches and old buildings and gone on a trek to the top of “The Fortress” which took around 2 – 3 hours and the views were amazing.

Kotor is a very small town so besides the ancient relics such as the churches and the fortress there isn’t a lot to do except sit back and be amazed at the beautiful scenery that is all encompassing. You seriously can look anywhere and be amazed at something. There is nothing boring or ordinary about this tiny town.

Tomorrow, we are hiring a car and taking a road trip to the national park which is north of Kotor. We are so excited to go walking around the park and we are also very excited to go on a road trip and get to see this country in a way we wouldn’t usually!