The Best View of Dubrovnik Old Town – Dubrovnik Cable Cars

Daniel and I promised ourselves that while we will skimp out on things such as accommodation and eating out, drinking etc, one thing we never want to skimp out on is experiences and doing things in a place. We always have the mindset that we may never ever be here in this place again so we should do everything that we want to do while we are there.

Even before we got to Dubrovnik we had been told about how beautiful and mesmerising the old town of Dubrovnik was. We had also read about a cable car that transports you to the highest point in Dubrovnik and gives you an amazing view of the ocean and the old town. So of course we decided that we should do it!


Being slightly afraid of heights, I was a little worried to take the cable car up but I braved it, paid my money and climbed in to the cable car, gritting my teeth. The ride up was cool as you felt yourself ascend the mountain and you got a nice view of mountain goats as you approached the summit.

When up there, the view was amazing. I’ve never visited a place where you can see enormous mountains that seem like they go forever and then turn around to see an old town protected by ancient walls with its background being an endless bright blue ocean. I don’t need to write anymore about it because I’ll show you some photos. However, as always, photos never do it justice…