My First Book

As most of my friends will know I am not much of a reader and never have been. I am more of a lets do something cause if I don’t my head will explode kind of person. Also I really like movies instead. LOL

This holiday however, is all about experiencing something new and trying new things. So for me, while quietly sitting in a hostel in Beijing I decided to pick up a book that was staring at me from the shelf and gave it a look-see. I would describe it as a thrilling crime novel.

After taking the first 5 pages in my stride and truly feeling that was enough for one session of reading I placed it back and gave Kelly the chance to read its blurb. I thought that if it was racy enough I could read it, so we from this point on began the twisting and haunting story that plays out in the book titled “Retribution”.

Kelly and I completed the book yesterday on the bus to Dubrovnik (Croatia) and I haven’t finished a book since my last year of high school. It was a pretty cool satisfactory moment and I think I am hooked, probably want another one.

I am a new man, similar to the killer in the novel I need another victim…suggestions?