Croatian Dining – Date Night @ Fefe’s

Kelly and I have decided to make date night on Friday nights. We head out to a restaurant and indulge ourselves as if money was no barrier…but it still is.

We pick the cheapest restaurant we can find and basically just splurge on all the things we want. It awesome. It makes us really look forward to the night and keeps our spending on budget because we cook every other night.

This week we were in split and we chose to dine at a recommended restaurant called Fefe. It is described as having quite cheap and good tasting food right on the harbor front. It is tucked to the side of the split harbor but that just means they are cheaper 🙂

After studying the menu we chose to try a meat platter (for me) because the eastern European countries were are all pretty well known for their meat and eat tonnes of it everyday. The other choice was a local cuisine that was basically gnocchi with a slab of what seemed to be pot-roasted lamb. It had a gravy drizzled over the top and the meat just fell apart.

The Meat Platter had a well known sample of meats. It started with a rissole, chicken fillet, pork chop as well as their signature meat, Cevapi. These are basically little fingers of meat, seasoned with spices and they are to die for. It started a little obsession and they were amazing. Traditionally they are served in effectively a burger bun with onion and sour cheese.

Both the food and restaurant were amazing. Great view and awesome atmosphere, for $20 Aussie dollars with wine it was a great night.