Ant Cakes Anyone?

Whilst looking for a hostel in Dubrovnik Croatia Kelly and I stumbled across a cheap bedroom. Everything is quite expensive in Dubrovnik and is often labeled the most expensive city in Croatia. In finding this cheap option we noticed it was only 50m from the bus stop and everyone knows carrying your bags to your hostel is like hell while the sun beats down on you.

So it was cheap and it was close to our arrival and departure point, it said it was only a 2km walk to the old town and that was fine, Kelly and I enjoy walking. Unfortunately they talked the talk, but didn’t always walk the walk.

As we asked stupidly at the bus stop where to go on arrival, they pointed us directly across the road to a green door…this would be our fate.

An older lady, very nicely, greeted us at the door and was very apologetic to have taken so long to open, she was just napping. She shook our hands delicately and smiled. Maybe we were wrong….but we weren’t!

As we walked the few steps upstairs she muttered about some pills she had been taking and how they weren’t making her better, Kelly and I both feeling sorry for her weren’t quick to pigeon hole her as crazy…although we should have.

She talked to her cat on the way past telling us it didn’t like people and whisked us away to the room we would be staying. Passing past the toilet it smelt, really really bad and she instantly said don’t worry about that, it’s the neighbours not me, “please don’t say that my house smells!”, but it did L….we should have left then.

Then she sat us in the kitchen and exclaimed that she would be back with some juice and biscuits. On her return she began by pouring the juice not only on Kelly but the table as well, which was followed by the sugar as she tried to sprinkle 600grams of white sugar on some strawberries. This was not all, the finale was the biscuits, probably from before the last century, were placed in front of us. We looked in delight at the hundred or so ants that followed them out of the bag. Her eyes not catching them but ours very much did, we were reluctant to say the least at trying this probable Croatian delicacy.

We spent 15 minutes talking to her gibberish and trying our best to subtly blow these ants to the floor and off the biscuits she insisted we eat. She told us that sleeping 2 hours a day was good for her and not only that but she was going to cook us some dinner tomorrow night. Fresh fish from the market… what does she call fresh we were wondering?

That night brainstorming on how to not only get out of dinner but possibly the guesthouse itself we manage to nod off and get some sleep, only to be awoken at 4am by some annoying tapping.

We woke; bolt upright after we both said the noise weren’t us. We were terrified, I got up and turned the light on and searched the room for Kelly who after reading a crime novel was convinced killers were everywhere. I found nothing and couldn’t explain the sound. It wasn’t mice, it wasn’t a person…for the next hour we got up every 5 minutes trying to suss it out but got nowhere. It finished by us being so tired we fell asleep again.

From here the joke was on us, after all the worries we had they were not fair. The lady had overall been very nice to us and was just getting a little bit old and fragile. She was lonely and we found out never married or had kids. We were stupid to think anything of it and she actually now reminds us of how caring our grandmothers can be.

We ate her fish and they were amazing, freshly scaled and grilled we had a feast. She also cooked us pizza the next night overall she is a pleasure to be around.

The trick is don’t be so quick to judge because often things are better than they seem, and also could normally be a lot worse. Smile People J