Hvar Sunset – The Best Place to See the Sunset in Hvar

Last night we went to an area of Hvar Town that we were told was the best place to see the sunset in Hvar Town. The person we spoke to recommended a bar called Hula Hula which is situated on the beach, looking out over the sunset and surrounding islands. To get their from the main harbour you have to walk for around 10 – 15 minutes past some of the fanciest hotels you will ever see in your life, that you’ll never be able to afford, but after passing these and getting to the spot, it’s absolutely lovely.

Being budget travelers, and smart people, we had consumed our alcoholic beverages in the afternoon on our balcony while reading like very smart and sophisticated people.

Side-note: Daniel has found a book he is actually enjoying and says he likes to read. I have nearly morphed him now in to the perfect man but he still has a bit of work to do.

Now anyway, as I was saying, we made our way down to the area that Hula Hula is situated and again, instead of buying their overpriced drinks, we found a seat on two banana lounges that faced out to the sunset in the exact same location just about 10 metres before the bar itself. Usually, these banana lounges cost around 6 Australian Dollars to rent out during the day while its busy and the sun seekers need somewhere to get soaked by the sun. However, because we are smart, we waited until the renters went home for the day and made ourselves comfortable on their chairs without having to pay.

Instead of paying for overpriced drinks and banana lounges, we treated ourselves to some Croatian Burgers that cost us around 10 Australia Dollars and didn’t have to pay one single cent for the amazing sunset we got to witness…