Hvar Town – Picturesque

This small town named from the island itself is the docking point for our next destination through Croatia. After spending time in Split we next dissected the nearest island and made our way deeper into the Adriatic sea to the island of Hvar.

With multiple islands around the area we have had to choose two of them and Hvar was the first. Only a 1 hour ferry from Split it makes it an easy and ideal island escape. The forst impression were that of a complete holiday fantasy, as you arrive and dock the small buildings with orange clay rooftops surround the port and hug the surrounding hills. The green and blue clear waters that lap the boat are inviting and mesmerising. Even when landing you know you can’t help but relax for the time you have.

As it was our first day we had some time in the afternoon to roam the streets and make use of the extended european daylight hours. We walked from our hostel down to the main area of town. The very walkable town is covered in large stone bricks polished from the years and years of travellers steps, with their smooth glow reflecting the sunlight from the glare of the sun and water.

We wound our way through the narrow lanes and stoned paths getting lost in the towns beauty. Despite it being a very small town with only thousands of occupants it is however remarkably beautiful. Cafes and bars line the harbour front as people walk and talk within arms reach of the water.

We then decided to finish our day at one of the scattered pebble beaches around town. Lying in the perfect cloudless daylight, the water cold, but refreshing, and with our book in hand we read while lying on the waterfront.

This town does have a couple of attractions although its real purpose comes with its many beaches and relaxed vibe. If you don’t want a slower pace or time away from it all, then maybe don’t come. If you want to see a beautiful town and surrounding coast then make a visit to Hvar Island.