A Postcard From Hvar Town

Dear Friends and Family,

Today you find us in Hvar Town. A place filled with old buildings, red roofed houses, age old churches and fortresses that have stood the tests of time. Hvar is a place you can have the best of many worlds – history, culture, European lifestyle and of course amazing beaches.

While we have been here we have been soaking up the sun at their secluded pebble beaches, going on walks around the old town of Hvar, visiting the fortress of the city and have also done lots of relaxing. The harbor front is amazing and many people gather there during the day and at night to sit at cafes, ice creameries, bakeries, restaurants and bars.

While Hvar Town is not packed with adventure, you definitely can’t help but feel amazed at the beauty of this place. From where we are staying you can see the ocean from every angle and because it is so small you really feel like you are in a sanctuary away from the rest of the world.

From Hvar town you can visit nearby towns by foot or by bus and we hope to do that over the next few days as well as go to the beach many more times and jump in the crystal blue water even though it is slightly freezing at this early stage of summer.

We are still unsure where we will go next – either straight to Durbovnik or maybe off to anothe island by the name of Korkula. We will decide within the next few days!

Lots of Love to You All,

Daniel and Kelly