Street Art in Zagreb, Croatia

Last night, even though we were feeling very tired, we forced ourselves to go on a walk before dinner to get ourselves moving and to make sure we don’t waste time.

We went on a walk through the streets of Zagreb and one thing I noticed that was prominent on most of the walls throughout the city was graffiti. Some of it was your standard type of graffiti that involves no real talent and a spray can but as we walked along we did find some interesting pieces painted up on the walls.

The first one I noticed that I liked was this one:


It was by no means spectacular but it was the first thing I’d seen that wasn’t just someones name or initials in some weird squiggle writing.

We then came along a street with heaps of street art that was a lot better than both of those combined so I thought I would share some with you. I always think its nice when people use public space for good rather than bad and I think these are a good example.