Dolac Street Market in Zagreb – A Fresh Food Lovers Paradise

In the middle of town, right next to the beautiful Cathedral of Zagreb, there lies a market that is amazingly open everyday and boasts the best fresh food, fruit and vegetables from farmers in the nearby towns. Besides fresh food, the market also sells traditional Croatian trinkets such as the clothes, wicker baskets and lots and lots of sausages and salami.

This little market also has a stall that sells freshly made donuts sprinkled with sugar and chocolate kebabs. We weren’t game enough to try the chocolate kebabs because they actually looked like you might die of a sugar overdose but we couldn’t resist the donuts for less than 2 dollars…


Other than these bad foods, the rest of the market is a fresh food lovers paradise where we bought some local produce to create soup – 4 potatoes, 4 carrots and an onion for around 3 Australian Dollars.

I couldn’t resist taking photos of the produce as it looked so lovely and fresh…







The Dolac Market was definitely a lovely way to spend the morning and it was really nice watching the locals hurry around the market to their very stall to pick their produce.