Budapest – Gillert Hill –> Parliament

After Kelly and I had walked the majority of Budapest over the last 3 days we decided that it was time to tackle the well known Gillert Hill on the ‘Buda’ side of town. As we stayed very close to the opposing green bridge it was decided that we would beat the rush and get up early to climb it. It is not a mountain, it is exactly a hill, as the name suggests, it doesn’t take long to climb but it does give a really nice view over the city and the surrounding suburbs.

The Green bridge, in the South of Budapest

The walk along the hill had multiple paths leading to a variety of locations, with many play grounds and green open spaces it seems a great location for activities and families to get away from the daily grind. The walk was by no means strenuous and the views made it all worth it. Having a stunning 360 degree view of the entire city and Danube River was a really delightful experience.

After stopping and admiring the fortress as well as the statue that looks over the city, ‘Lady Liberty’, which was built by the soviets and then taken as a hungarian land mark because of its beauty, we headed back down to follow the river front.

The “lady Liberty” statue overlooking the city.

We had been recommended to see the elaborate parliament building as it was a replica of the British parliament only extended by 2 meters with a domed roof. It was only a short walk (as is almost everything in Budapest) from the hill. The parliament building was majestic and powerful, with very intricate and sharp architecture. It was very well guarded and had multiple building in the area dedicated to the administration of the city and country.

Paliament Building

Paliament Building

Both of these locations are a must visit when in Budapest, Kelly and I truly love this city and would be so annoyed if we never went back 😦