I Love Cooking in Hostels – Zagreb, Croatia (Shopping List)

I don’t know why but I get a real kick out of going to the supermarket and finding cheap ingredients to bring home to the hostel and cook up.

We are by no means master chef and pasta doesn’t really hit the revolutionary food list and wouldn’t win us any awards but I seriously don’t know why people don’t cook more when they are on a budget traveling.

We had the temptation this afternoon to go out and get “the world’s best kebab” for 7 dollars each and we decided it was pretty cheap for a slab of meat and some yummy, comforting bread and sauce but then something in us snapped and the tight arse in us came out and we went down to the supermarket to get some food to feed us for the next few days in Zagreb.

On the shopping list today we got:

2 packets of 500gram Pasta – 10.96 KN ($1.85)
2 Spaghetti Bog Packet Mix – 19.98 KN ($3.35)
10 Eggs – 14.90 KN ($2.50)
Goulash Soup Packet Mix – 10.60 KN ($1.78)
Chicken Soup Packet Mix – 6.93 KN ($1.16)
Minced Pork – 20.90 KN ($3.50)

Total Bill – 84.27 KN or $14.97 Australian Dollars

If you don’t believe me on how cheap it was then I decided to take a photo of the receipt just for fun…


With all the ingrediants on the shopping list, that will feed us for 3 days. I know that we could have budgeted a bit more and for example ditched the meat but 15 dollars between two people for 3 days is pretty good in my books considering we could have blown 14 dollars on one meal!
The product? Lovely! I’m sitting here and enjoying our delicious pasta right now and look forward to the second serve for lunch tomorrow!