Review – Barocco Hostel in Budapest

The Barocco Hostel has a few good things going for it.

It has by no means been the best place I have stayed in during our travels but it is comfortable, with a cosy atmosphere and a nice feeling of being in a home away from home.

It is by no means big or lavishly decorated but you really feel like you are living in a European apartment which is totally cool.

The hostels facilities are quite decent: really good wifi, good kitchen, very spacious rooms and there are two bathrooms which is handy.

Some things could be better though.

If you are a security freak then maybe this isn’t the best place for you to stay. We believe security to be super important and I found it a bit unnerving that the only time you need to enter a code to get in to the hostel is at the downstairs lobby of the apartment block where everyone puts their pin in to go to their flat. Once you get in to the apartment block, you get to the front door of the hostel and often you find it unlocked because people are coming in and out all of the time and there is no key. There is someone staying here 24 hours a day but I’m not sure that that’s really enough considering there also isn’t any locks on the dorm rooms themselves.

In saying this however, once you are in the hostel and you get over the initial worry, you actually feel really safe and I actually haven’t ever stayed in a place with such a feeling of safety. It is in a quiet little street so that is really helpful and I think the fact that there are families all throughout the block it is really nice.

Other than this, Barocco Hostel is quite charming and I really liked it. The comfy couches in the lounge room were especially nice for eating meals and just relaxing after a busy day or when you are waiting for the rain that was supposed to fall 3 hours ago.