The Summer Palace in Beijing – A Photo Essay

The Summer Palace is a truly beautiful attraction in Beijing, China. Anyone who goes to Beijing should definitely make time to go see the Summer Palace as its not only a beautiful historical area but also a really lovely place to hang out.

The Summer Palace was a residency for the emperor which he ironically, or not so much, resided in during the summer. As soon as you enter the palace you are greeted by the traditional Chinese architecture that we came to absolutely adore.

The whole area, which is around 2.9 square kilometers, is covered with tiny temples, structures and buildings, that look like this, scattered amongst “Longevity Hill” that you climb around by walking on rocks.

I really enjoyed walking around taking photos of the architecture, looking at all the beautiful colors and intricate patterns.





After you stroll around The Summer Palace and Longevity Hill, you can head down to the Kunming River where we had another picnic of peanut butter and cucumber sandwiches and then strolled around looking at all the fun that goes on there.

We had seen this a little bit around Beijing but the coolest one yet was the man here who could do simultaneous calligraphy with giant brushes on the ground.


Other things we really enjoyed was a man blowing giant bubbles from a rope while little kids ran around and popped them or let the bubbles eventually pop naturally and have all the soapy suds explode in the air.

Another thing we went crazy over was this man flying a kite on the crossover bridge to another island. He seemed to be flying a kite but we seriously had no idea where in the sky it was. We had seriously decided that he was lying to us as he tugged on the string, pointed to the sky and laughed at us. After scanning the sky for a really long time we finally saw this bright orange speck in the sky. The kite was so far away it was impossible to see most of the time. It was only when the clouds went away for a second that you could see a tiny orange dot.

Towards the lake was definitely very entertaining and probably our favourite part of the day because so many Chinese people came here with food to socialise and have picnics so it really felt like we got to experience something that they really enjoy and liked the fact that it was just a tourist destination.

Overall, a very great experience!