Olympic Fever!

This is not necessarily a “traditional” Chinese landmark or experience, but with only a couple of Months until the next Olympic games the site of  the previous Beijing Olympics in 2008 has become a real tourist attraction.

Being a lover of sport and all things competitive I truly love the Olympic Games and I was quick to convince Kelly that this was definitely something I really wanted to do while in Beijing. As we arrived at the station not too far from stadium we noticed that once again the thick smog may haze (LOL) our views for the day. Although when you manage to get close enough to the objects nothing changed their amazing designs.

As we walked closer and closer I got a giddy little feeling running through my body, imagining all of the excitement and hype that the grounds would have felt while the games were on. People flocking to the area, high profile athletes and thousands of media personnel would have had the grounds practically shaking with anticipation.

Not only with the imagination of the event but, with that aside, the area is packed with some very ingenuitive and modern architecture. The Olympic stadium (Birds Nest) is a spiraling intertwined metal structure, as the metal components weave throughout one another it begins to look like a birds nest, hence the name. Although it may have got some stick in the past, for being some kind of eye sore, I really think the building itself has become a sort of icon and talking point, exactly what I am sure the Chinese sought after. It is now iconic!

Along side the Bird’s Nest is the equally iconic swimming area “The Water Cube” its use of a membrane is well known for its heating/cooling and natural lighting it provides. Its major highlight being that at night it glows multiple vivid colours that light the area.

Both of these stadiums and the area themselves are very memorable places to see, although the big highlight came with the chance to swim inside the Water Cube…and we did. We splashed (another good one) out and purchased a ticket each to the water theme park located inside the Water Cube. With plenty of water slides and group rides it reminded me of a smaller Wet’n’Wild for all of you Australians reading.

After exhausting ourselves in the aqua climate we headed home from the all day experience at about 8:30pm.

I truly believe that anyone, in particular sports buffs can enjoy this area for a full day and feel the great achievements that took place on that very ground. Like Usain Bolt’s demolition of the field and his instant fame in the 100m sprint, or Michael Phelps taking home 8 medals in the pool to start the games.

Trust me, you should go!