Cycling Day

Today (21/5/12) Kelly and I decided to hire bikes to explore the massive city that is Beijing. It honestly has almost too many landmarks to visit in an entire month let alone the 1-week we had.

The subway system is extensive and it will get you anywhere, although to see it all you don’t want to go underground to get there.

We packed our bread and peanut butter and set off. Yes the city is big so even if you live here you will not have seen everything there is to see, and even with bikes Kelly and I were still restricted, although we managed to tick a fair chunk of it.

Initially we headed down our hostel’s street to a park close by Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, a park called Be Hai Park. Next on the list was a nearby lake area, which has many surrounding Hutongs, bars and cafes, in which many locals and tourists visit. This lake was a true delight with many couples walking a lap of the area and talking about their daily business. Here we snacked on the local “Beijing Yoghurt” and leisurely rode the surrounds.

Next came the final stop of the day, being the Olympic park, located in the south of the city and to the south of the Olympic arenas. The park holds a lake that flows right through the Olympic venues in the shape of a traditional Chinese dragon.

Kelly and I used the park as a break point to enjoy some lunch and listen to some music while we lay on the grass and soaked up the smog-ridden sun.

The ride was long and our bums are sore, riding for about 5.5 hours allowed us to see some very different parts of this amazing city.