Great Wall of China

For those dedicated blog readers I am sure that there are several hundreds posts on this topic everyday, I haven’t overstated anything, just want to provoke some conversation with people who have been. Also, take note, often you can go there for very cheap with public transport and it isn’t expensive at all!!

This is a really obvious adventure that is a true must when visiting Beijing…and even just China. With multiple tourist options and several tours held by all hostels Kelly and I and some new friends (Lucy and Rob) decided to venture to the wall on our own. Public transport and eager minds lead us to the Wall within about 1.5 hours of travel (and saved at least 150 Yuan each).

I will not ramble on about the day because it is truly something that no one can describe perfectly and neither do pictures. It is an experience and everyone will describe and feel it differently.

Although, I found the whole thing amazing, exciting. Huge, tiring. Expansive and detailed. It was like nothing I expected, but everything I wanted all in one.

Hope the pictures here help the details, but please do yourself a favour and go and see this amazing world landmark.