Chengdu Bike Tour…

As a part of some of the really leading hostels in China the Lazy Bones Hostel in Chengdu throw a free activity most nights of the week. We were lucky enough to be there for the night bike riding tour. It was a well-organized cycling tour around the Chengdu City.

The tour was run by one of the young hostel employees and as always safety was crucial as he managed to mention there were no helmets and he ‘can’t look after all of us, so look after yourselves!’. With these words of wisdom we parted from the hostel and weaved our way through Chinese traffic lanes for the next 1.5 hours.

Cycling is a really good way to see a town, as most people will tell you, you manage to find things you don’t see on tours and often get a much better view of what the life of the people really is.

Kelly and I love to cycle and it became a really nice trip around a few of the sights. As often is the case in Asian towns the city really lights up in the nighttime and it becomes a whole new experience. Cycling past some of the public squares and Mao’s statue we wound our way around to the river that runs through the east of the town.

The attraction of the night came along the riverfront, where at a paved opening, a group of ladies had gathered for their nightly tai chi/aerobics. There were hundreds, probably thousands of them, and for a period of time we attempted to learn their intricately choreographed routines…of which they had an endless supply. As we fumbled our way through song-by-song we started wondering how long it must take them to learn all of the moves. It did help us sit back and understand the importance of it and the way that it feels to have something that takes you away from it all, and these ladies seemed amazingly happy and excited to be there and do what they enjoyed which made it extra special.

After getting abandoned and feeling like we had broken all of the possible bone arrangements in the coccyx area, we pedaled home for a quiet relax and bed.