I read this blog today and have to say it couldn’t be truer. Today in the subway in Beijing, I dropped my ticket and going back to pick it up meant my ticket was already scanned and I couldn’t get through. The metro lady didn’t want to listen and looked as if she didn’t believe me, but then out of nowhere a lady who cleans the subway came up to the lady from where she was cleaning and explained the whole thing. She definitely didn’t have to do that but it makes you realise that there are really nice people out there who do good all the time but often go unnoticed for the good they do!


I scowled at the couple blocking my escape from the sweaty, claustrophobic clutches of the Metro.

With their heads buried in a map they were oblivious to the mounting anger amid the chaos of rush hour commuters circling them; like an unwanted damn they blocked the bottom of the stairs preventing the rising tide of morning travellers from passing.

I don’t speak French but their accents were coated in confusion and it was obvious from their puzzled looks as they traced the coloured spiders’ legs with their fingers that they were lost.

One of them looked up and slowly scoured the mass of people, his eyes frantically flitting from person to person, hoping to spot a friendly face amid the sea of solemn suits to set them on the right path.

He paused and latched onto my gaze. As he lunged towards me, desperation spilling out of his cornflower blue…

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