Qu Pi Road Market – Not for the Faint Hearted!

Now, I must put a warning in the introduction of this post. Qui Pi Road Markets is not for the faint of heart.

To go here, you must be prepared.

You must be ready.

You must have your wits about you.

You might even need to be a little crazy.

I was in desperate need of some clothes when we got to Shanghai as when we left for our trip, I honestly thought I could get around the world with 2 tshirts. Yeah, right. So we asked our hostel if there were any “markets” around that sold clothes. The polite lady smiled and said yes and said they were markets but in a shopping centre, told us the directions and off we went. She also had a little side note that we should get ready to barter.

Our preparations included a breakfast of dumplings and a bubble ice tea of the passion fruit slush variety. With a backpack and water we took the stroll down to the road. As we were approaching we saw an intersection which seemed to have a shopping centre at least 6 stories high on each side.

“Which one is it?” We wondered, staring at each of the shopping centers in amazement.

The short answer? They all were.

Each of these buildings were in fact part of the Qui Pi Road markets and Oh. My. God. It was massive and it was crazy.

We took a deep breath and dove straight in. Me, not being a massive shopper, actually had stars in my eyes for the first time in my life when it came to shopping.

I love Asian styled clothes with their cute flowing skirts, gorgeous dresses, awesome tshirts and everything in between so to see a million different styles of skirts and a billion different tshirts thrown in with cute bags, awesome shoes and nearly any other clothing item you could ever need or want on every single floor of every single shopping market we went in to was craaaaazy.

I immediately warned Daniel, knowing full well I couldn’t buy everything I wanted, that we would be coming back here in the very near future of our lives if I ever have any money again. I was too busy ignoring Daniel to know if he groaned at this idea or not so we continued to walk up and down every single aisle of every single floor in one whole shopping centre. I am not lying to you, or exaggerating like Daniel loves to, when I say that in each of these shopping centers there were at least 6 floors packed to the rafters with clothes.

I only purchased 3 tshirts and a pair of shoes while I was there and after completing the first shopping centre I was actually exhausted. We had spent about 4 hours in just one of these establishments and after noticing a similar trend on all the floors we decided that this was maybe enough for the day. This didn’t stop me though from walking around the outsides of the centers and looking at the street stalls that clearly didn’t fit in to the already overfilled stores. We even managed to walk inside another one in a small attempt to find some decent boys clothes but to no avail.

Anyway, to cut a long story and not really make it short if you are in Shanghai you have to go here. I thought markets in south east Asia were cool and while they are, this is A Grade Crazy Cool and Shanghai will definitely see me again to tackle these markets good and proper with as much money as I can try to spend. And when I say try, you seriously would have to try to spend a lot of money because the clothes here are dirt cheap!