Face Changing Opera – A Wonderful Evening out in Chengdu!

Now, I must warn you, usually when anything has the word opera in it, I am immediately turned off. This is doubly so for Daniel. Neither of us are the opera going type and that is a fact that will never ever change.
However, on many recommendations and promises that the famous Chengdu Face Changing Opera had no actual opera in it, we decided we would give it a go.
Last night we did just this and we were pleasantly surprised at the amusement and well, shear amazement, of the Face Changing Opera! There were so many amazing acts that showcased just how talented some people were!!
The show began with an ancient tale of three brothers fighting an enemy for honor and from the beginning they had our attention. The costumes, music and passion that they had for what they were doing was amazing.
Some other highlights included a hand puppet show where a lady stood behind a sheet and portrayed some amazing animals. From swans to dogs, to birds and cats and she even went as far to depict a rabbit getting eaten by a fox!
Another highlight, especially for Daniel who absolutely couldn’t get enough of this, was a young acrobatic girl. She first came on stage and played with a diablo (which wasn’t that exciting) and then proceeded to lie on a mat and had a huge ceramic vase bought to her and she balanced this on her feet while throwing it up in the air, spinning it around and  twirling it everywhere. As if this wasn’t enough, she then had a massive red table placed on her legs and did similar tricks as she did with the vase. For anyone who knows Daniel personally, you will know that he becomes amazed and fascinated with athletic people and especially athletic people who can do amazingly obscure things. He did not stop talking about it for a very long time.
It also goes without saying that the finale to the show was absolutely mind boggling and breath taking. 3 men and a lady with a hand puppet came out with masks on and each, during the music and light extravaganza, showed us their tricks as they danced around and changed their masks not even in the blink of an eye. I seriously could not fathom how they were changing their masks so effortlessly and flawlessly and was even more amazed when they came down off the stage and shook hands with several people and as they shook their hands, made a loud noise and changed their mask right in front of our faces. Needless to say I screamed in amazement and fright.
At the end of the show, we were left gobsmacked, smiling and laughing about all the amazing things we saw and we definitely were glad that we took the risk of seeing an opera as it paid off!