The 6 S’s of China (China warnings and Preparation guide)


These are inevitable in China, you can try all you want but at some desperate stage the hole will beckon. You will have to use one so you may as well get it through your head now. As preparation I recommend that you try going to the toilet into a bucket or a common fruit bowl. The other option is to practice holding on as long as you can, this may buy you some valuable time for you to find a heavenly westernized toilet.


You don’t have to join in, but you may choose to. Every person, women included, love a good public spit. Whether it’s on the footpath, road or at your own feet. People hack up their lungs and flem and just go nuts. No place is too daring, it’s just a free for all. So either join in the fun and just take free rain, or stand back and query its value…


The manly men….and women will love this. Ever felt like just pushing your way through a line or even just shoving the bloke next to you for the hell of it, you know to release some stress and feel good. Well this is the place! In line for the train or ATM or toilet, tuck the shoulder in and push past them all to become the king of the line. I initially thought that it was just at certain times, but now I am slowly getting into it, no more waiting for me!


Mainly directed at the non-Asian readers as I can only speak from experience. People here love a good pale skinned man or women. It can be really annoying to have everyone staring right into your eyes and not even look away when you meet their glare. I thought it was common to not want people to know you are staring, but here they love it. This factor can go one of 2 ways, it can annoy you or you can take Kelly’s approach and breath it all in and feel like a celebrity. Ask the locals if they want a photo with you, like you are a true Asian attraction. Kelly poses with the best of them here.


If you can’t handle it then stay at home. People smoke anywhere and everywhere. On the rain, in the toilet or under “no smoking signs”…another one of those anything goes kind of theory I think. They will not worry about who is around or where they are, so it can be hard to find some fresh air at times.


I didn’t think pollution was this easily visible, although with over 1.3 billion people they make a bit of mess. If you are lucky to see a sky line then take a photo quick, because most of it is covered in a dense smog that makes it hard to see down the highway. It doesn’t bother me for my heart and lungs (that I notice) but it can make the cities seem a little dull and polluted.