Portrait of a City – Hong Kong Photo Essay

There is something really alluring about Hong Kong at night. When the lights come on and the city is lit up and you walk along the boulevard overlooking the amazing skyline of Hong Kong, you just can’t help but be amazed.

The Symphony of Lights, although a little corny, is a must in Hong Kong if you have time. Not so much for the laser lights that flash off the buildings but more so that it allows you to sit there and truly soak it up all the amazement of the city.

Although we are by no means good photographers, and please excuse our amateur status, here are some of our favourite shots of the skyline at night.

The Skyline before the light show, unfortunately the photos don’t really do it justice.

Another skyline shot from a different angle.

During the Symphony of Lights show, the buildings light up in sync with the music and lasers shoot off from the tops of each building.

Our view from one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong from the IFC Mall Observatory. A really cool place to hang out and see a different angle of Hong Kong.

 We really loved Hong Kong for all its beauty and wonder. Especially at night time when the whole city comes alive. It really is a city you can’t help but be impressed and amazed by.