Hello Shanghai!

After battling through the 20 hours on a train, which was much better than I had even hoped for, we arrived at Shanghai Station at 10am. As we entered the station and walked through customs we realised the 6 bananas we were holding probably wouldn’t get through the check. So Kelly and I attempted to eat the only fruit we had in days within a 20 second time frame. Full tummies we then wondered through into an already notable, more “China like” city.

We entered the subway station wing of the building and noticed that english was much more uncommon here. We were initially quite nervous for the surroundings and potential disasters as we carried 20kgs of luggage each. After the very unhelpful lady at customer services office almost demanded us to walk a certain way we managed to find the tickets booths where an english option was available. Tickets in hand we went the 3 very quick stops to the required station for our hostel.

The directions were provided and the street signs have the names written with english characters as well so that made the arrival very easy. The hostel was/is amazing with a nice common area and bar, Our room is cozy with nice beds, but that aside we didn’t want to waste the day so we headed out.

Being only 10 minutes walk to the famous “Bund” area of the Shanghai riverfront we decided to see what the fuss was about. After the 2km stretch was walked both ways and the Chinese people were finished tripping over their own feet while they stared at the fascinating white people, we attempted crossing the river. Our choice was to be sucked into the amazing underground lights show cable car in the “tourists tunnel”. The tourist tunnel alone should of been warning enough to move away quickly, although the offering of pretty lights and cable cars had me convinced otherwise. The ticket buying was hard but the cable ride was worse…it was very amusing to see what the fuss was about but not worth the money. The only saviour being they had a 3D Fun House attraction. It kept kelly and occupied and gave us some funny memories which you can read about here.

After that we exited at the other side (Pudong Side) of the river we sought to find the 4th tallest building in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Center. It was big, yeah it was pretty dam big actually! It does have the world’s largest observation deck as well, but that was for another time, not after a 20 hour train ride.

The subway was closely located and that allowed us to head near home for out first Shanghai Dumplings experience. A place called Yang’s Fried Dumplings was recommended to us and it did not let us down!!! This place was amazing…we didn’t know what we were ordering at all….but the lady let us point out things we didn’t understand which was nice. It did lead to my new favourite thing in the world. Their signature dumplings fried in sesame oil were the greatest thing in the world and I will never miss something more than these in my life!!!

Full after spending $4AUD on 3 dishes we went home for a well earned rest.