The Daily Dollar – 2nd of May

Today we arrived in Shanghai and can’t wait to share with you some of the things we are getting up to!  
For now, we will give you the quick update on our daily spending…
Accommodation- $120.00 CNY
Train Tickets (riding the train x 3 separate trips) – $18.00 CNY
The Bund Tourist Tunnel – $160.00 CNY
Drinks – $9.00 CNY
Dinner (3 dishes – dumplings, noodles and wontons) – $37.00 CNY
Total – $344.00 CNY
($51.00 Australian Dollars)
To give you an idea, this is what we did today…
  • Got in to Shanghai from Hong Kong
  • Got accommodation
  • Walked around the city
  • Went to the bund and then got sucked in to the bund tourist tunnel
  • Saw some crazy shopping centers
  • Saw the tallest building in Shanghai
  • Got dinner at a local dumpling restaurant  
Ways we saved money…
  • Only had one meal and ate our left over snacks from the day before
  • Walked a lot
  • Took the public train instead of the taxi

    So there it is! We are back on track with the spending we are happy with, it is already half as cheap as it was in Hong Kong (this was to be expected though!)