The Daily Dollar – 30th of April

You join us again for our daily dose of money spending.

We had another let down today, with the accommodation in Hong Kong being so hard to attain and well out of our budget. Besides this however, we really did manage to spend well again while seeing a whole lot!!

Our Daily Dollar today is….

$766.04 HKD

($94.79 AUD)

Dumdanana! So there it is!

Here is what we spent it on…

Accommodation – $550 HKD
Breakfast/Lunch – $68.60 HKD
Drinks – $18.90 HKD
Star Ferry Return – $10.00 HKD
Snacks – $6.90 HKD
Dinner – $87.00 HKD
Desert (cos sometimes you need a treat) $25.00 HKD

Some free activities that we took part in that helped us spend so little??

– Walking Around Kowloon Park
– Observation Deck at IFC Mall
– Strolling the streets of Hong Kong taking in the culture.

(Posts on these coming soon)

If you have any recommendations on what we should do to spend less or how to save more, leave us a comment with your tips! We would love to hear it all!