Places to hang out in Hong Kong

Kelly and I today went for a traditional exploration session in Kowloon and Hong Kong island and found a place on each side of the bay that we thought were worth a mention. Places that we think people could meet and hang out for with their friends (if they have any), “High-school Hangouts” we will call them.


In this area there is no shortage of malls and shops for teenagers these days to hang out in. They are truly abundant and if you can’t find one you must be blind. Every street and every corner has their own version of the newest and cleanest mall in the city. These places are great to shop and spend money but not always a place to hang out with benches and seats.

Our find was the Kowloon park, although it may seem like an obvious one this place has heaps to do and keep you occupied. It has wonderful gardens and walkways but is highlighted by several outstanding uncommon city features. It has its own lake and reserve which included flamingos!! There is an aviary with multiple scarce birds like a Rhinoceros Hornbill. From there you can find a sports stadium with volleyball and basketball courts and an outside mini soccer court. All in all this park is vase and spacious area has something for everyone…my favourite being the elderly exercise stations (handled effortlessly by myself and Kelly below).


After talking about malls this one is a paradise within one. Directly next to where the star city ferry, which connects the island to the mainland, is the IFC Mall. Which large buildings either side the roof of the mall itself offer a great stylish public location to breathe in the sights and take a break from the hectic areas below. It is deigned to be a public area allowing people to sit and relax, eat some food and all in all relax. There are a couple of bars offering meals and drinks although depending on your budget may be a tad expensive. At night this area also provides a marvellous look at the surrounding sky scrapers of both sides in the bay (not that you can miss them).

I really enjoyed these 2 very different spaces to relax. Depending on your style I am sure one of these will suit you and are both worth a little looky anyway.