The Best View in Hong Kong! Do Not Miss Out!!

Today we got ready to go to the AMAZING Victoria Falls, otherwise known as “The Peak” in Hong Kong.

Daniel and I were both very excited for this endeavour as we had heard so many good things about the view and every guide we had read about Hong Kong insisted that we make our way up to The Peak and see first hand how amazing it was.

So it was our intention to do just this. We left our Nathan Street residence and took the Star Ferry Tram for 3 HKD to Hong Kong Island. From there we took a stroll around and had a look at another billion malls that Hong Kong has.

After some lunch in a park and a bit of exploring we made our way up to the Peak Tram. Now, I am not sure if it was busy because of this whole long weekend-public-holiday-being-a-sunday-anyway-thing or not, but it was pretty busy. We waited in line for quite a while to get our tickets, then waited in line again to wait for the tram.

Once we were on the tram it was all pretty exciting. The trip up was so steep that Daniel and I were convinced the tram would slip backwards and we would be sent to our certain death. However, we survived and our first sights of “The Peak” were pretty amazing. Once you get to the top of the mountain it really is quite beautiful because you see mountains, trees and all this green life and then you look down and you see the vast array of buildings that envelope you as you walk through the streets of Hong Kong from above.

Seeing the skyscrapers from this angle is amazing because when you are down on the same level as them, you know there are heaps of buildings but can not possibly imagine what they all look like. This way, you can see it all!

Going up to the observation deck, that we paid extra for on our ticket, we were very excited to see the thousands of buildings that encompassed the island. I think like us, after watching our video of the view, you will be equally as amazed…

“What?!?!” You say, scratching your head in wonder. “There is no view! That is just a whole lot of cloud! This is nonsense!!”

Well, maybe that is what we thought also.

We didn’t let that get us down though! We still had an awesome day, looking around Hong Kong Island, having lunch in the park and walking around at The Peak.

However, if you do want to see what the view should look like, watch the following video…

All in all though, we had a fantastic day!


Our View from The Peak


The clouds rolling in over the city...


The Peak - Hong Kong