Getting Lost in Hong Kong

Today was our first day in Hong Kong!

We actually arrived yesterday evening but stayed the night at the airport (but you can hear more about that later.)

Today was a bit of a difficult day as we hadn’t booked any accommodation for our arrival in Hong Kong and unbeknownst to us, this weekend is one of the busiest in the year. It’s a long weekend because the Buddha’s remains are visiting the city, there is a convention on Hong Kong island and there is a another festival going on that coincides with the Buddha’s birthday.

We walked around for about 3 hours, trying to find somewhere to stay. Nothing.

After hours of searching we did find somewhere to stay. It’s a shoebox. But it’s good enough and the ladies that run the “New Lucky Guesthouse” are lovely, even though they speak not a word of English.

After this whirlwind of an adventure we took to the street entitled “Nathan” and looked around for hours. It was crazy how many department stores line the streets. Crazy! Every single one of them are packed with people too!

Hong Kong truly is a crazy, beautiful place! Tomorrow we are going to head to the Peak for the day and wander around Hong Kong Island! We are really excited for it 🙂