GuidePal – A Great App for Traveling a City!

Daniel stumbled upon this app “Guide Pal”while we were in Bangkok and so far we are loving it!!! I will run you through a few features today and I guarantee you will love it as much as us!

First of all, it’s an iPhone app but can be used on an iPad as well, it can be used online or offline and basically what it is a guide to cities around the world. It tells you things like what to see and do, local attractions, it gives you maps and can pinpoint where you are (in online mode) and show you nearby attractions.


The home page is so interactive which is good and it gives you clear options so it’s not confusing or hard to use.



When you click on “the guide” it tells you all the things to see and do and the list is pretty comprehensive with lots of ideas!


It also gives you a map with all the attractions and if you are online you can mark all the attractions you want to see and it can map out a rough guide for you!


You can also add things to your trip which is really handy!

All in all, the fact that you can use this online and offline is so so handy and for a quick comprehensive guide on what to do in cities, you can’t really go wrong!

Visit their website for a list on all the cities available!