Goodbye Thailand – A reflection on 28 Days in Thailand

Writing a reflection on a country in which we have spent 28 days has proven to me to be difficult. It is hard to describe what we have seen in just under a month in a summary and it is even harder to describe each moment and the feelings we felt, the highlights, the lowlights and everything in between.

Instead I have put together some photos of our time in Thailand showing the highlights of our trip.


Our lovely hotel in Phuket where we got to relax and do a whole lot of nothing for a few days.


Our trip to Phi Phi where we got to snorkel and splash around in the water.


Getting to watch a beautiful sunset over Phi Phi Island.


One of our many walks to viewpoints. This one shows the beautiful view of Phi Phi Island.


Moving on to Krabi Town and enjoying the local night market.


Tiger Temple in Krabi Town. A treacherous walk for a lovely view.


Us after deciding the walk up those steps was actually worth it.


Witnessing another beautiful sunset. This time, in Koh Tao.


Songkran Festival. One of our funnest days in Thialand.


Truly a day we won't forget!


Seeing the beauty of Bangkok temples nestled in between the hustle and bustle of the streets.


Zip Lining in Chiang Mai


Heaps of fun and adventure while seeing beautiful views.


Chiang Mai Zoo - seeing all the beautiful animals!


Trekking in Chiang Mai - an unforgettable 3 and a bit hour walk.


Getting to see some beautiful animals and bathing them was definitely a highlight.

We feel so lucky that we got to experience all of these things together and with you too! We hope you have enjoyed our first batch of blog posts and that you will keep following us around the world.

Our next stop? Hong Kong!!

If you have any suggestions on what we should see or do, please leave a comment below!!