Photo Essay – Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo was an amazingly fun experience and something I would definitely recommend to anyone traveling to Chiang Mai if they have some spare time. The animals were adorable and even the zoo itself was so picturesque.


The entrance was aligned by several statue elephants splurting water from their trunks.


I was shocked and so excited to see real flamingos! They were so cute and adorable!


We watched a weird “animal show” which displayed some of the animals at the zoo and their “talents”. We weren’t too sure about it.


Daniel and myself were amazed and excited when the elephants got curious and came up to play with Daniel’s arm.


Daniel stayed well away due to his fear of spiders but I took a few photos of the biggest one I’d ever seen. They didn’t keep this one in an enclosure though, he’d made his home in the bird sanctuary.


We were amazed when the tigers started fighting and after taking the pictures realised that when a tiger gets angry his eyes go from brown to ice blue. Did anyone else know this??


The highlight for me was the pandas as they were so adorably cute and funny. We got to watch them during feeding time where they would sit at their favourite spot and strip their bamboo for ages, selecting the bits to eat and discarding the unwanted bits on their tummies.


Being near them was an experience I won’t forget and I seriously nearly cried at how cute they were!


Even though I won’t put them up I took a bazillion photos of them and if you go to our Flickr account on the right hand side and check out the Chiang Mai zoo set you will be able to see them all.


The zoo was seriously so much fun and even though in hindsight we should have got a bus to go around the massive zoo, as walking in the blistering heat became very taxing, seeing all the animals was amazing fun and definitely a highlight of Chiang Mai.