Hostel Review – The Pak Up Hostel

Very rarely do you come across a hostel that ticks all the right boxes. Price, comfort, style, safety and so much more. The Pak Up hostel was seriously a great place to stay and I will give you a few reasons why…


The Pak Up Hostel was a great price. We got a private room, air conditioning, free wifi etc for 20 dollars a night which is a little pricey and undoubtably the most expensive place we have stayed in but sometimes paying your extra dollars does get you further. Our room was huge, our bed was big and comfortable and even though the bathrooms were shared they were always clean and safe. Dorms were 10 dollars a night which was also a bit expensive but I think many people were happy to pay the price.


As mentioned previously, the rooms and everything were really comfortable and nice but what put the extra touch, which I think hostels in south east Asia are missing, is the common room. Downstairs there was an area for everyone just to hang out with really good wifi, beanbags, couches, computers, tv and the people at reception where always helpful down there too. There were also two bars you could hang out in which was nice too. The bathrooms were also great which I feel like most places are lacking. Each shower had hand pumps for soap, shampoo and conditioner which I thought was great, the flow of the water was awesome and you could adjust the temperatures nicely. The toilets were always clean and none of them were broken!


Probably the most important checkbox is safety for me. I’m happy to stay in a bit of a crappy room when I know the doors lock and I don’t feel like someone is going to come in to the room while I’m sleeping. Each level had its own swipe card to get in to and the doors to each rooms were secure. The whole place just had a sense of safety to it, like you know you were being looked after and I liked that.

Overall the Pak Up Hostel was a great place to stay and if you have the budget for it, I recommend you stay there!

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